Our Amazing Colleagues!

Face of man writing over learning class.

With the help of a talented videographer and some modern tools like the Learning Glass, you can create engaging video content for your students. It is as easy emailing Marc with the Academic and Collaborative Technologies team (Formerly Digital Learning & Innovation) and setting up a date. The work below…

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2022 Connected Learning Summit

There were many interesting sessions but I will focus on a few ideas and organizations that were novel or changed my perspective, or may be resources we can use. 1. Twin pandemics: COVID and mental health. Supporting students has supported communities. Developing tools, including online tools, that had been underutilized…

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A New Lending Library

We are excited to share some books. Literally! Our learning community purchased some books for our faculty to share. Several are by Claire Major, an educator and author we spend some time with last month. The books are here in the Digital Learning office space in LBA – 204 and…

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Humanizing Teaching

Learning Community members Sarita Shukla and Becca Price, along with their colleagues Elli Theobald and Joel Abraham, talked about a recent paper of theirs at the UW Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Symposium this week. The talk, entitled Asset-based teaching: Humanizing teaching by moving away from an achievement gap discourse,…

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Successful teaching, even in the pandemic


Years ago I designed a course that I intended to be cutting edge and built on best practices. It’s a CURE, an affectionate if braggadocious acronym for classroom-based undergraduate research experiences. By adopting this approach, all of the students in the class have the opportunity to complete their own research…

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Our Chapbook

Book title Explorations in Teaching Online

We decided that we might take these posts we have written and turn them into a book or sorts. We were able to have a student worker do some of the layout and graphics. The final result is linked below. LearningCommunityPublishingVersion7 (1)

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The 2021 Cascadia OpenEd Conference

Cascadia OpenEd conference

Over the past three days I attended several sessions at the Cascadia OpenEd conference sponsored by several west coast associations and the wonderful and always inspiriting BCcampus team. I thought I’d share a couple of broad thoughts about the event and what I saw on the screen and felt as…

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A Foray into Spec Grading

Over the years, I’ve refined rubrics with the intent that students can evaluate their own mastery of an assignment. In some courses, students generate their own rubrics. During class sessions, students practice applying the rubrics, which gives them insight into how to create assignments that meet the goals. I still…

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