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The dream of open education, fueled by Open Educational Resources (OER) – freely available learning materials – holds immense potential to democratize knowledge. However, traditional educational systems often struggle to keep pace with the information age. Artificial intelligence (AI) presents a revolutionary opportunity to personalize learning with OER, address resource scarcity, and empower educators. This paper explores the intersection of open education and AI, examining how AI tools can enhance accessibility of OER, personalize learning experiences based on them, and even automate administrative tasks, ultimately transforming the open education landscape. (sorry, the above was written by

In the video below, Bryan Alexander and the Future Trends Forum explores Open Education and AI. The experience of developing and implementing open education resources (OER) has given us many lessons and practices which we can apply to AI. We’re hosting the authors of a new paper, “How do we respond to generative AI in education? Open educational practices give us a framework for an ongoing process”: Anna Mills, Lance Eaton, and Forum favorite Maha Bali.

This two hour long session is from the SUNY Online Summit. Here is the short description: “As we delve into AI’s role in education, we will also engage in a vital conversation about maintaining the human element in our work as online educators and course designers, especially when using generative technology. By the session’s end, virtual and in-person participants will not only be equipped to integrate AI into their workflow and online teaching and course design practices, but also understand how to balance automated content generation with the crucial human touch. Attendees will depart with a nuanced perspective on leveraging AI to craft more dynamic, personalized, and effective online educational experiences, while never losing sight of the human connection at the heart of learning.”

Here is a complete Canvas course on AI from the speakers.

This short article about OER, instructional designers, and AI is from the amazing David Wiley.

I love that he adds this about instructional designers, “…a lot of people believe that instructional designers are the people who are really good at using the campus LMS – folks who can create new course shells for faculty, help faculty get their content uploaded into the LMS.” Yes, that is true.

Lastly, a conference presentation from the Northeast OER Summit. The video recording is at the bottom of this page.

“In this session, an educator and his students will discuss the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Open Educational Resources. In the introduction, we will explain what encouraged us to discuss this topic and state our standpoint on the topic. In the first part of the presentation, we will explain the nature of the project. We will explain how we did it. Then we will present our findings on the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in the creation of OER. Finally, we will self-reflect on our experience encouraging the audience to ask questions to have a better understanding of the process and help us in our inquisitive journey.”

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