Epiphanies with Christina Hendricks

A smiling Christina Hendricks.Christina Hendricks is a Professor of Teaching in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia-Vancouver, and the Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President Teaching and Learning pro tem (July 2023-June 2024).

Here you can find information related to my work at UBC as well as what I do as an educator and open education advocate beyond UBC.
You can visit her amazing work here on the web.

Christina shared a story about her work on a series of Pressbooks on Philosophy.


Christina is currently in the Office of  Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning at the University of British Columbia. She shared about her journey as an instructor teaching courses in philosophy and her wondering about the absence of an introduction to philosophy text. Her interest in creating an open text was sparked when she attended a conference on open textbooks and heard Hugh Mcguire’s presentation. When Christina mentioned this, I was reminded of the many times, my own interest in exploring ideas was furthered as a result of learning in different contexts. Christina shared the library vox resource where volunteers can read texts and contribute to the open web. I feel that the underlying philosophy of spaces like library vox is similar to that of our own teaching and learning on the open web learning community where we are trying to create a supportive, generative, and thoughtful open web space. As a part of Rebus Christina created templates for author guides, created calls for participation, workflow documents, style sheets and much more. Christina also shared the importance of peer reviews to increase confidence in OER texts as resources equivalent to other published texts. One resource that Christina mentioned that is definitely on my summer reading list is a book that has case studies on how OER has been included in the tenure and promotion process. One final resource that she mentioned to get books printed and published is lulu. There was so much good learning and sharing in the time we spent with Christina!


How wonderful to get to see Christina Hendricks again! It is good to hear of the collaboration on the campus and across campuses and wonder how we might do that here at Bothell? Listening to her talk about her network and how she was able to leverage the talents found there was great! It ain’t what you know, it is who you know 🙂 

We are lucky here at Bothell to have just hired an OER librarian! That should help us put some structure around all the variations of OER. I hope it also helps support open pedagogy on the Bothell campus. I hope we can contribute more over the years to the UW instance of Pressbooks

One idea I am going to float to our learning community is to try to collaboratively write a book (pressbooks) about creative pedagogy with some faculty at the University of Glasgow. I have been in touch with Nathalie Tasler in Glasgow and they have some publicly visible SoTL work happening there. She has written much about play in education and I think that we can use the idea of “creative pedagogies” for some writing. We will see.

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