23/24 All Wrapped Up

make that video! YOU CAN DO THIS! You are amazing! Your hair looks great! GO OUTSIDE! make a video with your phone! If you are talking about food, make the video in the grocery store! DON'T TALK TOO LONG... NO ONE IS WATCHING really.

Well, how about a wrap of our academic year? Ok, I’ll go first. This year we had some new members join us! We had Kim and Deb early in the year and we also had Salwa join us! We added Myra just a couple months ago. And as of this…

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Vignettes on Teaching

Images of Sarita Shukla, Dave Cormier, and Gemma Smyth

On Friday, May 10th, the Bothell Open Web learning community had faculty from the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada join us for a “Vignettes on Teaching” event over Zoom. We had met with the Windsor faculty in September of 2023, and this event was the result of some ideas…

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Epiphanies with Christina Hendricks

Book cover for Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics

Christina Hendricks is a Professor of Teaching in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia-Vancouver, and the Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President Teaching and Learning pro tem (July 2023-June 2024). Here you can find information related to my work at UBC as well as what I do as an educator and…

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Epiphanies with Verena Roberts

Group of people in a Zoom meeting room.

Verena is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. She was a 2018-2019 OER Research fellow and 2018 Global Open Graduate Network (#GO-GN) member. Verena has taught and designed online/blended courses and consulted about curriculum and technology integration from pre-K to Higher Education in…

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Learning about a Liquid Syllabus

The Syllabus and navigation of a website about the syllabus.

January 12th, 2024 Teaching & Learning on the Open Web Learning Community We had our amazing colleague Sarita Shukla share some of her experiences with the Liquid Syllabus during our meeting this month. You can see a couple of her examples in the navigation on this site. In part, this…

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Open, open, and student privacy


Something in our discussion during the November meeting of the Teaching and Learning on the Open Web group sparked a realization. While I have experience and understanding around how students share their names/identities in certain types of open pedagogy assignments, there are others in which I’ve taken a less guarded…

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Epiphanies with Yusuf Pisan

Group of seven people in a Zoom meeting.

Yusuf has been with us here at Bothell for about eight years and in that time he was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award. He was a founder of one of the Bothell Learning Communities and ran some wonderful brown bag reflective teaching sessions. Yusuf also runs the Tech4good program.  …

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Epiphanies with Lisa Lane

Group of participants in a Zoom meeting.

Lisa Lane has just retired from teaching history after 34 years! Wow! Lisa has worked with faculty from all over the world through her professional development roles at Mira Costa Community College in California. This archive of some of that work goes back to 2010 and her writing in teaching…

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Ready for the Summer!

Golfer looking startled with overlayed text, "That was a mulligan!"

Our little learning community here has been meeting monthly for six years. Six years! We have been under the spell of our first leader Jane VanGalen for all these years! The rest of our community includes the following wonderful people: Becca Price, Sarita Shukla, Mark Chen, Gavin Doyle, Susan McNabb,…

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