Epiphanies with Terry Greene

Zoom screen with participants.

Fireside Guest: Terry Greene Anyone who describes reuse of their material like this gets all my votes: “You can reuse any content published here as long as you give me cred, especially street cred if you know how to do that. I don’t.” Terry has created some truly remarkable places…

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Epiphanies with Claire Major Howell

Capture of Zoom session with participants in windows.

Our Fireside Guest: Claire Howell Major Claire will be sharing a story about how she leveraged a huge network of educators to collaborate and write one of her books, Teaching Online. What might the implications be for us as educators? In our classes? In our learning community?  Claire has been…

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Epiphanies and Jim Groom’s EDUGLU

group Zoom window with faces of participants.

Epiphanies from the Field, March 4th 2022 Fireside Guest – Jim Groom In academia, Jim was a part time faculty and director of the Teaching and Learning Technologies at University of Mary Washington. While there, he founded the Domain of One’s Own project adopted by a number of universities and…

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Our Chapbook

Book title Explorations in Teaching Online

We decided that we might take these posts we have written and turn them into a book or sorts. We were able to have a student worker do some of the layout and graphics. The final result is linked below. LearningCommunityPublishingVersion7 (1)

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