Epiphanies from the Field

Learning community in Zoom meeting.

Fireside Guest – Lisa Young Lisa Young has been the director of the Scottsdale Community College Teaching and Learning Center for thirteen years. She is an advocate for OER on a global scale and is a board member of Open Education Global. She was one of the main instigators of…

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A Pressbooks Story with Robin DeRosa

Zoom window with Learning Commmunity participants and Robin DeRosa.

In January, the Teaching & Learning on the Open Web learning community had the opportunity to spend an hour with Robin DeRosa, the Director of the Open Learning and Teaching Collaborative at Plymouth State University.  Robin shared the story of her “Open Education Anthology of Earlier American Literature” Pressbook, an…

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Successful teaching, even in the pandemic


Years ago I designed a course that I intended to be cutting edge and built on best practices. It’s a CURE, an affectionate if braggadocious acronym for classroom-based undergraduate research experiences. By adopting this approach, all of the students in the class have the opportunity to complete their own research…

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Our Chapbook

Book title Explorations in Teaching Online

We decided that we might take these posts we have written and turn them into a book or sorts. We were able to have a student worker do some of the layout and graphics. The final result is linked below. LearningCommunityPublishingVersion7 (1)

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The 2021 Cascadia OpenEd Conference

Cascadia OpenEd conference

Over the past three days I attended several sessions at the Cascadia OpenEd conference sponsored by several west coast associations and the wonderful and always inspiriting BCcampus team. I thought I’d share a couple of broad thoughts about the event and what I saw on the screen and felt as…

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A Foray into Spec Grading

Over the years, I’ve refined rubrics with the intent that students can evaluate their own mastery of an assignment. In some courses, students generate their own rubrics. During class sessions, students practice applying the rubrics, which gives them insight into how to create assignments that meet the goals. I still…

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Note-taking as an Inclusive Pedagogical Tool

‘How will you live your life, so that it does not make a mockery of your values?” ~Bill Ayers  ‘Teaching and Learning on the Open Web’ learning community has been one of the best learning experiences in my professional career. Whenever we meet, there are conversations that inspire me, question…

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Vision 2020

Vision 2020 Image Credit   20/20 vision indicates good visual clarity, much like the year 2020 has done for me.  2020 made me look very closely at what the teaching-learning process was truly about. I wondered about the affordances and challenges of a brick and mortar school, the unique challenges…

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