A New Lending Library

We are excited to share some books. Literally! Our learning community purchased some books for our faculty to share. Several are by Claire Major, an educator and author we spend some time with last month. The books are here in the Digital Learning office space in LBA – 204 and…

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A Pressbooks Story with Robin DeRosa

Zoom window with Learning Commmunity participants and Robin DeRosa.

In January, the Teaching & Learning on the Open Web learning community had the opportunity to spend an hour with Robin DeRosa, the Director of the Open Learning and Teaching Collaborative at Plymouth State University.  Robin shared the story of her “Open Education Anthology of Earlier American Literature” Pressbook, an…

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The 2021 Cascadia OpenEd Conference

Cascadia OpenEd conference

Over the past three days I attended several sessions at the Cascadia OpenEd conference sponsored by several west coast associations and the wonderful and always inspiriting BCcampus team. I thought I’d share a couple of broad thoughts about the event and what I saw on the screen and felt as…

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Let Me Express Myself

I am going to choose to represent what I am trying to convey in some text, a couple of images, and in a video. Why three things you might ask? Well, I just don’t want to have to type all the sentences it may take to express this thought. That…

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Some Websites & Stuff

I have had this website since 2011 and iterations of this one since 1998. They have helped me express my work and the work of my students, my ideas, my successes and failures. They have helped me get jobs by sharing the work I have done. And, like a drawer…

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