Learning about a Liquid Syllabus

The Syllabus and navigation of a website about the syllabus.

January 12th, 2024 Teaching & Learning on the Open Web Learning Community We had our amazing colleague Sarita Shukla share some of her experiences with the Liquid Syllabus during our meeting this month. You can see a couple of her examples in the navigation on this site. In part, this…

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Open, open, and student privacy


Something in our discussion during the November meeting of the Teaching and Learning on the Open Web group sparked a realization. While I have experience and understanding around how students share their names/identities in certain types of open pedagogy assignments, there are others in which I’ve taken a less guarded…

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Epiphanies with Yusuf Pisan

Group of seven people in a Zoom meeting.

Yusuf has been with us here at Bothell for about eight years and in that time he was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award. He was a founder of one of the Bothell Learning Communities and ran some wonderful brown bag reflective teaching sessions. Yusuf also runs the Tech4good program.  …

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Ready for the Summer!

Golfer looking startled with overlayed text, "That was a mulligan!"

Our little learning community here has been meeting monthly for six years. Six years! We have been under the spell of our first leader Jane VanGalen for all these years! The rest of our community includes the following wonderful people: Becca Price, Sarita Shukla, Mark Chen, Gavin Doyle, Susan McNabb,…

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Some Open, Some Not So Open

Todd standing by the Jimi Hendrix Memorial in Renton, Washington.

On March 30th, my birthday, I presented at the Washington State Canvas Conference. It was the second time I had presented at the event on my birthday. How weird is that? Spending my birthday with the great people in the world of education. #2017wacc pic.twitter.com/LJVpQ3r0nV — Todd Conaway (@Todd_Conaway) March…

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Epiphanies with Shelly, Alisa, and Alan

Zoom meeting with eleven participants.

Our Fireside Guests – Shelly Rodrigo Possible founder of the CyberSalon, certainly one of the founders, Shelly is the Director of the Writing Program at University of Arizona. She has been giving presentations around teaching, learning and technology for years. Alisa Cooper Alisa is a faculty of 27 years at…

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