Joining in

Little rituals help me start class. I’m always nervous to start, and the rituals ground me until my nerves calm. I walk into the classroom with a smile, and say “Hi folks! How’s everyone doing?” I turn on the projector, and I open the websites we’ll need for class. I…

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Epiphanies with David Goldstein

Zoom meeting with several participants and th etitle slide being shown with the text, "Alternative Grading Mastery Grading, Specifications Grading, and Ungrading" by David Goldstein

Fireside Guest: David Goldstein We welcome David as our first fireside guest from our more local UW Bothell community! David will share some of his journey through various grading strategies in his classes here at Bothell. Many of you know David from campus, but some of you might not know…

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Collaborative failure…and success

Simple drawing of people standing in a circle.

Last quarter, I had the pleasure of teaching Science Methods and Practice, the course that had so much success last year. A previous blog talks about how I’ve improved student learning in the course with specifications grading. Students who score an 80% on an assignment “complete” it, and those who…

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ChatGPT and the Classroom

Title slide of presentation by several authors about ChatGPT and title of "The Rode of ChhatGPT."

No doubt ChatGPT is making waves. As educators, we will need to wonder about how it fits in our daily classroom activities and how it will alter the future our students will experience. Not unlike the rise of the hand calculator or the computer, AI will be alongside our lives…

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Our Amazing Colleagues!

Face of man writing over learning class.

With the help of a talented videographer and some modern tools like the Learning Glass, you can create engaging video content for your students. It is as easy emailing Marc with the Academic and Collaborative Technologies team (Formerly Digital Learning & Innovation) and setting up a date. The work below…

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2022 Connected Learning Summit

There were many interesting sessions but I will focus on a few ideas and organizations that were novel or changed my perspective, or may be resources we can use. 1. Twin pandemics: COVID and mental health. Supporting students has supported communities. Developing tools, including online tools, that had been underutilized…

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A New Lending Library

We are excited to share some books. Literally! Our learning community purchased some books for our faculty to share. Several are by Claire Major, an educator and author we spend some time with last month. The books are here in the Digital Learning office space in LBA – 204 and…

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