There Once was a Learning Community…..

We don’t recall how it got started, but the email thread was long with limericks. Even some haiku from Gavin.

So many in fact, we share them here for your reading pleasure.

There once was a learning community
Who zoomed due to lack of immunity
It wasn’t that grueling
When applied to their schooling
So they polished the new opportunity.

There was a group at UWB,
they were into the web and wanted to see,
just how much they could do,
to show off their web fu,
and finally to get others to be.

The spider web and open web share
A special connection for those who dare.
Each enlarges their world
As the web is unfurled,
But one creates while the other ensnares.

There once was a learning community
That was digital with impunity.
A flip-book they decided
Would keep them united
And show off a great opportunity.

The tools that I use made by Google
Reflect my desire to be frugal.
Students shouldn’t pay
When they’re making their way
Through the expensive endeavor of U-school.

There once was a group at UWB,
They needed help with designing so others could see,
The cool stuff they were doing, to elicit “aahings” and “ooings,”
So they hired a student from IMD.

3 Haiku From Gavin

Sailing open seas
There be danger and dragons
But songs and mates, too

The light is off now
But suns and stars still shine bright
Lighting our new paths

Answers in the book
But turn the page to find that
The book is the world

I’ve been teaching a lot via zoom
From safety and comfort–my room.
My students take notes
And I am the host
While outside the damn virus brings doom.

Once day, a nonparticipating member of the crew was called out for not having a clue!

We’re missing a limerick from Todd,
Which really does feel kind of odd.
“I’ll share one next week.
From my brain they will leak,
Some lines for the Limerick Squad.”

But the forlorn former poet could not let it stand!

With a mere twenty sunrises till glorious St. Patrick’s Day,
Sadly, it seemed poor poet Todd, had very little to say.
“But I used to be a Poet!” Todd loudly exclaimed,
To the others he still seemed, just a bit deranged,
Though with much hesitancy, they allowed poor Todd into the limerick fray.

And to that end he added is limerick! And once again became a member of the clan.

For three years the valiant comrades – through the interwebs they scrambled,
With many ideas, and tools, places and purposes they rambled.
At some places they all shouted, Oh, this is silly!”
While at others they all concurred, “We need this! Really!”
And they were happy as ever and learned lots of lessons wherever they ambled.

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