Some of the “whys” of teaching and learning of the open web.

Jim Groom and Brian Lamb  Reclaiming Innovation

A case for the open web to support collaborating, connecting learning across courses, innovating.

Jenkins, et. al.  Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture

A MacArthur funded White Paper on new literacies needed for participating in open, networked culture.

Randy Bass  Disrupting Ourselves: The Problem of Learning in Higher Education

Shifting contexts for learning in higher ed, including participatory culture.

Plymouth State University’s faculty statement on open, connected learning in interdisciplinary curriculum.

Three Myths about Education Technology and Points of Light Beyond  Announcement of a new report on how educational technology, as now used, exacerbates educational inequalities rather than addressing them.

Book Circles

We can  from groups to share reading of books that provide broader context for the “why” of open pedagogies.

Some starting points (with sign ups) can be found here.


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