Chico State’s Large First Year Composition Course.

Kim Jaxon has been developing a powerful writing course around students writing in the open.

Open Student Projects

Robin DeRosa’s Student- Created Open Text on Interdisciplinary Studies in the Digital Age

Open Syllabi

Jane’s New Literacies for Digital Learning (student blogs feed into the front page)

VCU’s campus-wide project of short term open courses during the week that World Championship bike races closed their campus

A range of other VCU courses taught on the open web.

New Media Photojournalism, one of the VCU short term open courses.

Chico State’s Reading Literature for Future Teachers

Michelle Pacansky-Brock’s History of Still Photography

Robin DeRosa’s First Year Seminar (her description, not just the syllabus)

Math Courses

Biology Faculty site with links to Biology student blogs.

Cathy Davidson’s Black Listed: African American Writers and the Cold War Politics of Integration, Surveillance, Censorship, and Publication  Taught at CUNY and open to the public who also want to do elements of the course.

An aspirational syllabus:

Michael Wesch’s Anthropology 101

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