Faculty Connected Communities

Faculty Talking/Collaborating in the Open about Teaching in the Open


HASTAC  Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory.  A community of thousands of scholars who share teaching strategies and scholarship on teaching.

Hybrid Pedagogy  “Hybrid Pedagogy is a community, a conversation, a collaboration, a school, and a journal. It is a place to discuss Critical Digital Pedagogy by advocating for students and fostering awareness of academic hierarchies. ”

Laura Gibbs (online course lady) Faculty at University of Oklahoma who devises multiple ways to customize work on the open web and to integrate social media platforms with Canvas.  Very generous in her advice. One of her more relevant blogs is Anatomy of an Online Course

Prof Hacker  From the Chronicle of Higher Education, a team-authored blog with posts on a range of topics within the broad topic of “teaching, tech, and productivity”.  From basic to advanced tech advice, grading tools,  advice of faculty time management and a fun annual holiday gift giving post.

Alan Levine  aka “CogDog”.   Builds websites for connected courses, collaborates in teaching, trains faculty about taking their work to the web, generous and creative person.

Michelle Pacansky-Brock Michelle works in professional development in the California Community College System and does excellent work on “humanizing” web-based learning that she generously shares via Twitter and other media.

Connected Courses.   A 2014 MacArthur funded semester-long open professional development collaboration among global faculty.

Digital Media and Learning Research Hub   A Multi-year MacArthur funded network of scholars looking a digital media and learning within and outside of formal institutions.  Primary focus on youth but many ties to higher education.

Good people to follow on Twitter for pedagogical discussions:

All of the people associated with the projects  above.

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