Building a Positive Digital Identity

How and where can we be teaching students to build a positive identity on the web and to manage the digital data that others have about them?

Intentionally managing what people can know about us on the web:

Three steps to identify and build your digital identity

Being intentional about what people will find when someone “googles” you.

Developing Students’ Digital Identity

“We hope that in openly engaging with the genres used in their professional and disciplinary contexts that our students are able to see themselves as creators of knowledge and contributing to professional and disciplinary practices rather than simply completing assignments. ”

How to Curate your Digital Identity as an Academic

“In a nutshell, if you do not have a clear online presence, you are allowing Google, Yahoo, and Bing to create your identity for you.”

Managing the data that others have about us


Privacy Personality Quiz

Self-assessment questions about how comfortable one might be with being public or private online

Data Detox Kit

Easy series of steps to take to clean up tools we use, monitor the data being collected on us, and reviewing privacy settings.

Security in a Box

Protecting sensitive data and communications, especially important for members of vulnerable populations.



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