Assessment and Grading

Here, you’ll find a collection of strategies, deliberations, examples, and other considerations of assessment and grading student work on open, creative, complex assignments.

How to Ungrade Jesse Stommel

Stommel draws on his 17 years of teaching in which rather than being assigned grades, his students write regular reflective essays and then grade themselves.  A good overview of the tensions of student-center pedagogies and teacher-centered grading.

The piece includes a pretty good description of alternatives to formal grading.


Laura Gibbs’ Grading Omnibus

A generous and comprehensive post on multiple alternatives to grading and why we should consider them. She links here to essays, ideas, tools for feedback and other resources.

Hacking Assessment: Ten Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School

A good, creative, short book on alternatives to grading when assessing.  Also available from independent Powells, where the link has less description of the book.

Assessment Strategy

From HASTAC’s (Humanities, Arts, Science, Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) Pedagogy Project, a collections of tools and strategies for managing the workload of grading and for shifting some assessment to studnets’ self-assessment.

Classroom Badges as Assesssment

Deanna Mascle writes of having students vote for the awarding of “badges” for peers contributing to the classroom community,  Includes links to prior writing she’s done on badges and grading.

Syllabus example: Contract grading with explanation for students

When Grading Less is More

From Inside Higher Ed, an essay with links to examples of courses with minimal grades and some links to research on grading and motivation.

Specifications Grading (thanks to Becca Price for telling us about this)

Linda Nilson’s book on grading students’ attainment of particular criteria related to course learning goals.

One professor’s detailed account of his experimentation with Specifications Grading, based on Nilson’s book

Hybrid Pedagogy’s Archive of articles on Grading and Assessment

The online journal’s recent archive of thought pieces on grading.

#TTOG hashtag on Twitter

I’m not clear that the acronym stands for but people are using this Twitter hashtag to share resources about grading and assessment


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